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Anew You Winter Reset 

Regroup – Repair – Recover

Winter offers the perfect time to prepare yourself for the rest of the year ahead. Especially after Autumn’s Reset steps of Rest, Reflection and Release

When you’re disconnected or blocked from nature’s subtle rhythms your psycho-physical wellbeing can be detrimentally affected without even realising why you feel so out of sorts or not at ease or in flow in life.

This misalignment can even manifest into physical pain, health issues or adversely influences your thoughts and actions resulting in many unsatisfactory outcomes in your life.

For example, science recognises how the phases of the moon affect the ocean’s tides. Much of the health industry are aware of how this is closely linked to our emotional wellbeing and menstrual cycles due to our bodies’ being made up of approximately 70% water. You may have heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) a type of depression and anxiety that occurs during certain seasons of the year.

The good news is you can be in sync with nature’s cycles of change and renewal whether you’re conscious of what they are or not. 

All of humanity is connected one way or the other and this includes our integral relationship with nature and the seasons.   

To assist with how and to gain insight access “Winter’s Simple and Effective Top Tips and Transformation Tools” below.

Winter’s Top Reset Tip 1 – Regroup

This is the perfect time to gather your thoughts regarding how you’ve done things throughout the year.  The focus being the practical side of life and of course this may influence your emotions and thinking processes however it’s quite different from last season’s reset which focused on “The Letting Go Process.” To be well prepared for this month’s reset, gather the relevant information and bring together who (with you in mind as the priority but not always), and what’s required during this process.

You can combine the insights you gained from the Autumn Reset Tips with the Winter Reset insights which are improving, eliminating, delegating or reshuffling your personal or work-related systems, time management, priorities, and your values and habits.

As you undertake this journey seek out and take part in discussions and liaisons with those that are a wise and positive contributor to your quest.


Winter’s Top Reset Tip 2 – Repair

Sip on one cup a day warmed in a mug or added to soups and stews. The bonus is it’s not just good for you, it tastes delicious too!

  • Bone broth is an alleged superfood rich in natural collagen, minerals, and glycine (great for tissue repair and inflammation).  
  • Sourced from beef or chicken bones, it’s reported to boost gut health and fight against leaky gut. 
  • Bone broth may help to reduce inflammation, improve gut motility, and decrease abdominal discomfort.  
  • You can use either chicken or beef bone broth for nutritional benefits. However, beef is better known for its ability to recharge the gut, while chicken bone broth is often recommended for skin health.  Why not mix it up over the winter months and beyond. 

NOTE: Bone broth may have remarkable benefits, but it’s not a one-shot solution for totally healing your gut.  By all means reach out to me  if you’d like to explore a tailored approach to addressing your digestive and wellness needs to achieve optimum results. 

Use it as a nutrient-dense option if you need to curb those pesty hunger pangs any time of the day or night.  You can make your own from scratch (lots of recipes on line) or buy it in a concentrated powder or paste form.  NOTE: Commercial options must be grass fed and organic where possible. 

…..Why is Bone Broth good for the Gut?

Collagen: Since Western cultures primarily consume high-quality beef cuts (muscle meats), we typically miss out on the collagen protein and other nutrients found in beef tissue and bones 

Gelatine (the jelly-like substance that floats up when bone broth is cooled), is an easier-to-digest type of collagen. Found in ligaments and connective tissue, collagen is essential for human health — and when consumed from an animal-based product, it’s a bioavailable source of nutrients.  

  • Your body can use the gelatine found in bone broth to create or repair its own connective tissue (particularly those associated with the gut. 
  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body — and it’s responsible for about 30% of your body’s protein content.  
  • It also plays a role in calming and soothing the gut lining — so food can pass through easier, with less bloating and discomfort.  

Minerals: If you want to boost your cellular and gut health, healthy mineral consumption is a must. Bone broth contains abundant phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium — which can feed your gut, targeting the root problem of symptoms, while hydrating and strengthening your cells. Magnesium, specifically, helps with gut motility. You can infuse additional minerals into your bone broth by simmering it with mineral-rich veggies, such as kale, herbs, or other greens. 

Glycine: An essential amino acid, glycine keeps your hormones functioning optimally — while adding to overall tissue, ligament, and muscle health (specifically the ones in control of your digestive system). High levels of glycine are typically found in bone broth and are needed for your body to produce the master antioxidant glutathione. Glycine is also a calming amino acid, helping to soothe anxiety and promote restful sleep. 

Contraindication – if you have a Histamine Intolerance Bone Broth is not recommended

Winter’s Top Reset Tip 3 – Recover

The word ”recover” has a double meaning in this instance.  Yes, you may need time out to recover physically and psychophysically however this tip is also referring to you, “recovering” past gifts, talents, goals, dreams and visions.  

Check within and explore your past heart desires and whether any are still relevant for you and if so, utilise Top Reset Tip 1 to begin their manifestation.

Summary Notes:

I should add that Top Reset Tip 2 (Repair) is incredibly relevant for Top Tip 1 and 3 because the health of your gut plays a major role with how well your brain functions and vice versa. Science strongly backs the importance of us needing a robust Brain-Gut axis connection.

Therefore, please don’t underestimate the importance of how the body’s level of wellness impacts your ability to excel not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  Some good questions to ask yourself are : 

  • How well do you digest life (ie receive life with optimism)?
  • Do you accept things when it’s healthy to do so?
  • Do you resist change or hold on to the past more than is wise to do so?   

The answers to these questions can provide insight into your level of mindset and digestive health (ie harnessing the power of what the brain-mind-body connection is telling you).  You can then discover what shifts are necessary for better outcomes with your health or life generally.   

Reach out to me for assistance if this resonates with you.  When your emotional intelligence is functioning at it’s optimum you’ll enhance all your relationships as well as attract the perfect aligned people in your life for your aspirations to be fulfilled.   

It’s good to remember we don’t live on an island and the quality of our relationships are a key component of supporting and facilitating our fulfilment personally and professionally. 

When your full potential is being realised, sometimes  you need to be facilitated beyond your blind spots ie outside your usual frame of reference to ensure effective lasting change.  

If you relate to that let’s address those pesty limitations, inconsistencies and sabotages your brain, mind or body fall-prey to.  To receive a complimentary Discovery Session or to learn more reach out here OR  Call Christine on +61 409 140 173. 


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