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Remove limited programs; unleash your full potential; access what’s hindering you from experiencing what you desire.
It won’t matter how much work you do consciously to resolve any particular issue in your life, when there is a sub-conscious self- sabotage program present, it will prevent you from achieving it.

Hypnotherapy/Time-Line Therapy works with your unconscious mind. It operates similar to a software package in your computer, whilst your conscious mind represents the hardware.

Even though you are not usually aware of your unconscious mind on a day to day basis, it is there, running the show behind the scenes.

  • During the sessions you’re relaxed, conscious and very aware of all that is taking place.
  • You remain upright, clothed and seated. It’s nothing like what you see on TV. This is your private professional session.
  • You are guided through a simple process that assists you to locate the relevant unconscious, negative emotions and/or decisions that undermine your efforts and clear them.

It’s a process  that empowers you, it’s completely private (i.e. you do not have to discuss what your blocks are to me or regurgitate the past) and it doesn’t involve hours of counselling.

“I know that may sound confusing. It’s like HOW can that work? But it absolutely does.”

Because it’s set up for you to connect with your unconscious mind – you sort it out for yourself. How cool is that?

I’m pretty well redundant. Well, not totally, you need me to make sure it’s done effectively and completely.

I mean I do have 25 years of experience so hopefully I have something to offer hee! hee!

In all seriousness it’s such a fabulous mindset expansion technology that really works and can make massive changes for you.

By the way it’s great for blokes, we all know they’re not a fan of over-sharing or talking about their stuff so this method is perfect for them.

All hubbies, dads and brothers are most welcome!

Issues that can be assisted with Hypnotherapy/Time-Line Therapy

Weight loss
Aches & Pains

Emotional issues
Health issues

Behaviour patterns
Chronic fatigue
Panic Attacks

Contact Christine 0409 140 173

Skype Sessions

Also available, username - christine.m.long


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