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Christine M Long

Life & Business Elevation

Christine’s heart-centred mission is to empower –
  • Conscious entrepreneurs
  • Wellness leaders +
  • Those who desire to “BE” more of themselves and who
  • Seek to make a difference.…..

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.  This is where you can –

  • LIBERATE your “Wealth Wellness Consciousness”.

Christine is a #1 Best Selling Co-author of ALIGN, EXPAND and SUCCEED – Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success and the founder of three revolutionary methodologies;

  • CORE ISSUE ELIMINATION – Self Sabotage Clearing Technique
  • INNER INSIGHT MASTERY- Reveal the Missing Link and Thrive
  • AUSTRALIAN AROMATIC ESSENCES – The formula for Life in a Bottle

These progressive personal growth tools were miraculously birthed when she was woken each night and intuitively guided over a number of years.  This all began in 2002 after her life changing “Spiritual Awakening”.

Christine has an un-paralleled acumen in revealing the MISSING LINK for tangible breakthroughs personally or from a business perspective; she has a resounding acuity that gets to the core of the matter with laser sharp accuracy in minutes and she’s then able to facilitate you with advanced revolutionary skills and tools to address them.

The array of cutting-edge “one-to-one” and “In-person” sessions PLUS the complementary on and off-line programs she offers provide a powerful multi-faceted approach that ensures your individual needs and desired outcomes are beautifully catered for.

She states:

“We’re multi- faceted – we’re not just a physical body striving and yearning – because of this fact, in order to make noticeable permanent change, all facets of ourselves need to be accessed for effective transformation to take place. 

The key is to know how to accurately ASSESS what you desire in specific areas of your life or business or uncover what’s lacking within them, and then be crystal clear about the precise tools you need to make a permanent tangible difference.

Otherwise our-

  • Greater wellness is inhibited;
  • Expansive power of attraction hindered and
  • Increased fulfilment unrealised…

We need to address ourselves as a whole multi-dimensional package.  Each aspect filters into and impacts the other.  This distinction is paramount to making empowered long term change.”

Over the years Christine has built a proven, solid platform that delivers the results each person uniquely requires without it being too disruptive or demanding on their valuable time and energy.


She’s adamant it must fit within the constraints of their work commitments and desired lifestyle, plus possess a high level of consistency so long term integrated momentum is established and continued.

Christine further suggests:

“When the precise mindset, emotive, physical and spiritual alignment is achieved, it fuels the ideal state that increases and nourishes a robust ripple effect into every facet of your life.”

The power and effectiveness behind Christine’s revolutionary work is the –

  • ACCURACY and

That’s organically established during the facilitation, PLUS the shifts that occur have an extra-ordinary ability to continue giving and have a far- reaching affect in creating other desired outcomes in an individual’s life and business.

The skillful implementation of these three essential keys, unlock an expansive gate way for “Wealth Wellness Consciousness” to “FIT” perfectly with each person’s unique needs. 


Contact Christine 0409 140 173

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Also available, username - christine.m.long


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