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We build traction fast and utilise our time together for massive insight and consistent breakthrough. Often in only a minute or two,  we’re honing and shifting what’s needed to get things happening for you.
To be really clear you’re already awesome – all we do is illuminate your awesomeness and eliminate what dims your light for your brilliance to shine in life and business.

The cool thing is the potent VELOCITY COACHING style I use harnesses my 30 odd years of finely-tuned intuition to ensure you’re facilitated in the most efficient way that’s right for you.

  • Profound insight is gained and assimilated
  • Epiphanies are common
  • Mindset gems of gold are normal and
  • Emotive intelligence strengthened

Zoom, Telephone & In-person sessions

Surrey Hills & Frankston Locations

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Call or Text 0409 140 173

What to expect

  • We utilise every precious moment, we get to the HEART OF THE MATTER and flush out what needs sorting with a minimum of fuss.We’re not into wasting time on “fluff” and “head stuff.”

Why put off experiencing a life you love living?

Why would you want to muck around and delay that? I mean you just wouldn’t. 

  • You’ll not only experience a new elevated perspective you’ll also access the exact tools and resources within so you can call on them any time.
  • They’ll sustain you through each and every powerful life changing day. Yeess!

“That’s just how it is when you work with me. We get straight to the point; breakthrough after breakthrough some big some small but every breakthrough in its own right has a massive ripple effect and impacts how you see yourself, your world and ultimately how you create and live it. Ya hoo.”

  • You see the wealth of experience I’ve gained over two decades facilitating thousands of people, along with continually refining and upgrading my professional skills enables me to assist YOU to accelerate your process.
  • The other added BONUS of my first-hand knowledge of running my own business and dealing with family commitments as the sole bread-winner also complements the innate gifts I’ve been blessed with.

This makes a PERFECT BLEND to be the ideal coach for YOU.

  • I absolutely understand at an intricate level how to take you outside your limited frame of reference where your true personal POWER, MAGIC AND WISDOM lies; this goes way beyond the everyday coaching techniques to ensure you receive amazing results.

A powerful space is held specially for you where you’re able to –

  • Ignite your intuition
  • Awaken your talents
  • Unleash your full potential
  • Lift your vibration and presence
  • Elevate beyond your limited perceptions and
  • Really get clear, focused and decisive for massive momentum…
  • Yep, the insidious blind spots or resistant areas are addressed where in the past it would’ve been hard to BREAK FREE if not impossible.

These sessions are awesome – they take you beyond the perpetual cycle of just “trying to get there and actually move beyond the past debilitating cycles.”

Things Like



Lack of confidence
Poor Self Worth


  • Perhaps you have lots of ideas and you’re motivated and passionate but for some reason you can’t get clear or proactive in a way that makes you take effective action. 

    Utilising this Laser Clarity sessions you’ll uncover what those elusive succinct steps are that’ll take you to where you want go.

You’ll align and integrate a deep knowing of what you truly desire and you’ll have the capacity to create it.

“Yep, you get mind-blowingly clear real quick regarding what you’re are looking for and need. Yeah baby!”


  • Maybe you haven’t got a clue what you want to do; yet in your heart you have a yearning for something more whether that’s personal, work-wise or both.

These “Laser Clarity Coaching Sessions” are “to die for” or should I more accurately say “to live for” when this is your situation.

They make it all accessible and doable. You’re able to see “The Forest for the Trees”.

You no longer “chase your tale;” you’re confident and certain about what you want and where you want to be. Wherever that is, you’re in a strong state of “KNOWING” it.

You make better choices and decisions and you’re proactive in making the best changes and shifts necessary for exponential growth and momentum that builds organically.

Guess what? All this happens without the drama, the stories or the distractions.  

No more “roller roaster rides” or one step forward two back; that’s in the past.

The stifled or blocked scenarios that stop you FEELING and BEING the best version of YOU cease.


What are you waiting for let’s get started


Life & Business Elevation Specialist

M: +61 409 140 173

Location: Surrey Hills & Frankston Victoria Australia

Consultations: Zoom – Telephone & In-person

Programs: Virtual Interactive & In-person

Website: www.anewyou.com.au



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