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More often than not your block isn’t usually what you think; which is so beneficial to know upfront. This important distinction is one of the many attributes that sets this specialised work apart and why it’s so effective.
  • Unlock your potential
  • Gain insight to enhance your life
  • Improve your confidence and self-empowerment
  • Uncover imbalances and mindset blocks that hold you back
  • Remove restrictive limitations and expand awareness
  • Address personal challenges and life lessons for greater resilience

These illuminating sessions contain a focused step by step format  that delivers a concise understanding of what you need to BREAK FREE to the next level-

This information is key to short-cut you getting to where you want to be.

So often you can spend time on “stuff” that may seem relevant or important from where you are, however it’s often a distraction and delays your progress.

Zoom, Telephone & In-person sessions

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Having this information upfront short-cuts and turbo charges your process a 100 fold.

Step 1

With razor sharp accuracy you’ll uncover THE NUMBER ONE life area that requires your focus.

You’ll be able to prioritise accurately to ensure you don’t scatter your energy and end up “TRYING” to deal with “ALL” the various aspects of your life at once ie the ineffective SPOT FIRE and QUICK FIX MENTALITY” that results in:

  • Beating yourself up
  • Feeling drained or confused and
  • Disillusioned with little or no lasting change.

The knowledge and awareness you gain in this part of the sessions enables you to hone in to exactly what you need.

The NUGGETS OF GOLD you get from accessing the correct primary focus ultimately ripples out into all areas of your life.

“It’s like you have an aerial view of your life. You clearly see the path to the next open door; the gateway without the tedious and often painful twists and turns of ‘banging your head against a brick wall’ scenarios.”

Step 2

The session then meticulously reveals the learnings required at a –

  • Brain Neural Level
  • Body
  • Soul level (ie, Mind, Will & Emotions)

This methodically and organically impacts every other aspect of you and your life.

Step 3

This step is to reveal the “BEHAVIOUR PATTERN” that unconsciously keeps tripping you up and prevents you from totally integrating the learnings that have come up in the session.

We get to “your” bottom-line” so you know exactly where to start and how to continue with what to do to move forward with confidence and ease.

The format is dynamic and interactive. It “PACKS A PUNCH” in a good way and makes solid inroads into your personal quest.

You get to see exactly what’s holding you back or what you need to finally get that ELUSIVE BREAKTHROUGH.

“It delivers laser quality rather than the “fluff” and “unnecessary stuff” that bogs you down and doesn’t give the results you’re looking for.”

Step 4

The final step is to ensure you receive immediate and lasting change we’ll complete the session by revealing the precise transformational tools that facilitate you 24/7.

This specifically targets what you need to fully integrate the insights you’ve gained.

You’ll naturally build a solid foundation and incrementally keep clearing blockages so you progress forward long after the session.

“I love this part because all too often you gain great insight, know what you ‘NEED, SHOULD or WANT to do’ but for whatever reason after your facilitation you get off track or self-sabotage.

You know what I mean….’Things’ get in the way and the inroads you’ve made in the session are short lived.”

Utilising the relevant revolutionary tools that have specifically come up during the session makes sure this SABOTAGE MENTALITY doesn’t occur the weeks and months ahead.

“Yep let’s make sure you achieve the optimum outcomes you desire. I love that idea! Do you?”


This is one of a number of services offered under the INNER INSIGHT Mastery banner which part of Anew You Mind Body Solutions.

There are workshops, parties and other awesome processes and techniques

I do offer trainings to learn the various formats.

You can use them as a stand-alone service or as part of what you already do in your Wellness /Beauty /Personal Growth Business. By all means reach out to me to find out more here.

It’s the unconscious undercurrent that’s the key to your breakthrough.
 Discovering your BLIND SPOTS and then having access to Revolutionary DIY Empowerment Tools to clear them is amazingly beneficial.”

Life & Business Elevation Specialist

M: +61 409 140 173

Location: Surrey Hills & Frankston Victoria Australia

Consultations: Zoom – Telephone & In-person

Programs: Virtual Interactive & In-person

Website: www.anewyou.com.au



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