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Remove procrastination; Boost your momentum –
  • Erase self-sabotage & thrive
  • Magnify your strengths
  • Heighten clarity, confidence & motivation
  • Reignite precision, performance and passion
About Sessions:
  • Duration: 15 – 60 mins
  • Remain clothed & seated
  • Enjoy experiencing deep insight and lasting breakthroughs
  • Profoundly effective & achieves fast results
  • Fun and exciting to receive

Remove limited programs; unleash your full potential; access what’s hindering you from experiencing what you desire. Learn More

Eliminate outmoded patterns of behaviours without the drama or excessive processing that’s often expected when you want to enjoy living the best version of you consistently.  Learn More

Resolve Self Defeating Patterns for good. Live the life you desire; a revolutionary technique that has the awesome ability to access your unique elevated insights and answers on a consistent basis. Learn More

More often than not your block isn’t usually what you think; which is so beneficial to know upfront. This important distinction is one of the many attributes that sets this specialised work apart and why it’s so effective. Learn More

We build traction fast and utilise our time together for massive insight and consistent breakthrough. Often in only a minute or two,  we’re honing and shifting what’s needed to get things happening for you. Learn More

Contact Christine 0409 140 173

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Also available, username - christine.m.long


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