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Astounding “Transformative” Therapy – “An Aligned Balanced Jaw =
An Aligned Balanced Body.”

TMJ Therapy

This gentle yet powerful technique affects 80- 90% of all the muscles of your body even though the entire treatment is located around your head and face area.

It’s incredibly effective yet profoundly relaxing and nurturing to receive.  Often recipients fall asleep.

This gentle therapy consists of 5 specific moves in a specific sequence that energise and align the muscles around the jaw.

The jaw directly affects the whole body’s alignment and functioning.

Therefore the –

  • Muscles
  • Skeleton
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system and
  • Hydration level of the body is positively affected.

This gentle sequence of 5 specific moves over a 15 – 20 min period influences the all-important jaw’s alignment with wonderful results.

Check out the multitude of conditions below that you can address with this gentle yet effective therapy.


Pain around your jaw; side of head or around your ears
Trouble opening your mouth wide

Consistently tender sinus area
Jaw, neck or shoulder pain
Ringing in ears

Grinding Teeth


Clenching your jaw

Poor Posture

During and/or Post pregnancy

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