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Resolves self-defeating patterns for good. Live the life
you desire.
Breakthrough Sessions are a revolutionary technique that has the awesome ability to locate your own unique insights and answers on a consistent basis.

They’re specifically designed to do so accurately and efficiently.

Normally it only takes one session to uncover your core issue.

By accurately accessing what the core issue is, then having access to a specific process that eliminates it together with all its related  issues, you’re able to experience profound tangible shifts that ripple out into all areas of your life such as –

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Business
  • Wellness
  • Confidence
  • Pain emotional or physical
  • Well-being and
  • Empowerment etc.
We don’t do lots of talking about your issues; rehashing isn’t on the menu; this is too time consuming and doesn’t achieve the changes you want. Hallelujah!

Instead we immediately access what’s pertinent to you and locate the core block with razor- sharp accuracy, you don’t need to know what that is before the session – that’s the purpose of the session.

This progressive breakthrough work is designed to ensure this transpires without a hitch.

In fact even if you think you know what it is, the depth of this work will access the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM- LINE of that issue which is usually quite different to what you actually have known or perceived up until now.

This is where the power is in making awesome changes towards what you desire.

“I just love how this happens EVERY TIME! It still blows me away not just my clients”

You see…. What you experience is the bi-product of the core issue and usually people get side tracked with what’s happening in their life and they focus on that as the issue.


Often we create even more tangents from the same issue and waste precious time not targeting the real root of the problem for permanent change.

Zoom, Telephone & In-person sessions

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During Session

  • During the session you’ll have the core issue revealed and explained thoroughly and I’ll give you relevant examples of how this plays out in your life, so you’ll clearly see the affects it’s having on not creating your desired outcomes.
  • This is where the profound shifts take place. It’s like the MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE has finally been found and placed in the precise spot for the complete picture. You’ll experience relief, recognition, deep understanding and a healthy acknowledgement of what’s been revealed.

Excitement and profound healing can flow through you. “You know the tingles, the goose bumps, the lightness that really sings to you!”

  • We then succinctly cover off all the beliefs (word for word – there can be as many as 20) related to one core issue. It’s a very thorough process….this is when the “ahh haa” moments and epiphanies occur.
  • We then clear them following a powerful protocol.
  • The session is very focused and straight to the point. Talking about “stuff” and regurgitating it can help a little in some instances but only to a point.
  • That type of processing doesn’t actually resolve or eliminate the core issue. In fact it can instil more issues (related tangents) with the “STORIES” that are created around the issue.

This is often the case for those people who have done a lot of work on themselves but still find their issues aren’t resolved. Ouch!

The more you talk about it, the more it continually reinforces the issue in your sub-conscious and cellular memory.

  • We follow through with a finely-tuned procedure that replaces the “STUFF” with your new found perspective so you’re able to reside at this elevated level of INSIGHT and AWARENESS

Goody gum-drops that’s all I’ve got to say!”


  • How you respond and/or how others respond to you in your life shifts and a new reality is formed.
  • This innovative breakthrough work clears the hidden self-sabotages so you receive tangible change.
  • We use the time efficiently to make sure that takes place. Normally the whole process is done in a couple of sessions.
  • 20% of the time there may be up to a couple more sessions to complete the original work due to the complexity and amount of beliefs that are revealed.

It’s important to be thorough.

“How great is that, to know that you’re onto it and there’s light at the end of the tunnel around that “pesty” issue that keeps messing things up for you! What a relief you’re finally sorting it out!”


Life & Business Elevation Specialist

M: +61 409 140 173

Location: Surrey Hills & Frankston Victoria Australia

Consultations: Zoom – Telephone & In-person

Programs: Virtual Interactive & In-person

Website: www.anewyou.com.au



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