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Anew You Autumn Reset 

The 5 Step Letting Go Practice & Wellness Tools

Autumn is here once again and the cooler days’ and nights foster the perfect time to rest, reflect and release what’s old and no longer relevant or supportive of you moving forward to the next level in your life. 

When you’re disconnected or blocked from nature’s subtle rhythms your psycho-physical wellbeing can be detrimentally affected without even realising why you feel so out of sorts or not at ease or in flow in life.  

This misalignment can even manifest into physical pain, health issues or adversely influences your thoughts and actions resulting in many unsatisfactory outcomes in your life.  

For example, science recognises how the phases of the moon affect the ocean’s tides and the medical profession are aware of its impact on emotional wellbeing and menstrual cycles. You may have heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) a type of depression and anxiety that occurs during certain seasons of the year 

The good news is you can be in sync with nature’s cycles of change and renewal whether you’re conscious of what they are or not. 

All of humanity is connected one way or the other and this includes our integral relationship with nature and the seasons.   

To assist with how and to gain insight check out The 5 Step Letting Go Practice” below which is complemented with links to access specific empowering Wellness Tools to enhance and accelerate your process. 

The 5 Step Letting Go Practice

The seasonal dynamic of Autumn is a perfect example of how you’re surrounded by changeThe beautiful diverse hues and textures of the falling leaves sings to your Soul to rest, reflect and release what’s not longer useful.

Step 1

Journal daily to build momentum with your exploration and self-discovery. Take time out to reflect on what you need to let go of as well as what you desire.  This is your life, therefore it’s essential you prioritise what’s important for you to commit to it and thrive.

To boost your capacity to go deeper and not miss important insightful gems you may like to take advantage of the Clarity Mastery Essence – for deeper Mind-Body transformation.

Step 2

What can you eliminate in your physical home and work environment? The state of your environment reflects the state of your psycho-physical health, therefore clearing and uplifting your surroundings is a simple yet very effective step.  

Do what it takes to make this simple and doable without it being overwhelming.  Recruit help and delegate where possible whether that be with friends, family, or you seek professional assistance.  Creating checklists would be a great asset in this instance.   

You may like to utilises the Sanctuary Synergy Blend to take this step to a whole new level. This life-giving formula transforms heavy stuck energy or negative vibes around you or in your home or office immediately and long term (it’s also anti-viral and anti-bacterial) Click here to learn more.

Step 3

Are there people in your life that cause angst, drain you or who have a negative attitude?  Can you let them go out of your life?  If not, let go your attachment to what they do? Internally resolve what keeps you hooked and move on emotionally and mentally.

Having said that, I realise this is often easier said than done, therefore you may benefit from using the Sanctuary Mastery Essence. This DIY Empowerment Tool harnesses the power of your mind-body connection so your inner balance returns no matter the challenge. 

Or if you need assistance due to the complexities of this issue reach out to me and we can organise a personalised private session.

Step 4

What habits or behaviours no longer serve you? First and foremost be honest with yourself and if need be, team up with a trusted “Accountability Buddy’ for regular encouragement and support.    

When you want to take full advantage of this seasonal energy dynamic and need further assistance a Breakthrough Consultation might just be what’s missing.

Or you may be drawn to the transformational benefits of the Breakthrough Mastery Essence formulated specifically to resolve stubborn undermining behaviours that facilitates you 24/7 for tangible shifts and change. 

Step 5

There’s so much evidence of the psycho-physical benefits of meditation, especially when done daily as it has an accumulative affect.   

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Meditator the Luminous Living Music and Meditation Packs are excellent tools for you to use.  They’ll add a potent focused brain-mind body dynamic that’ll enhance your “Rest, Reflect & Release” journey for profound shifts to take place. 

The 5 Step Letting Go Practice Summary

Remember not to “try” and address all the issues that are revealed at once.  Avoid putting yourself into a state of confusion or overwhelm and where needed, discuss the challenges or insights you’ve uncovered with a significant person in your life who you trust or by all means reach out to me for personalised facilitation.   

The purpose of this “5 Step Letting Go Practice” is to wisely utilise this auspicious seasonal time and seize the opportunity to focus your attention on gaining greater clarity as part of your evolving wellness journey…..“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.   

When your full potential is being realised, sometimes  you need to be facilitated beyond your blind spots ie outside your usual frame of reference to ensure effective lasting change.  

If you relate to that let’s address those pesty limitations, inconsistencies and sabotages your brain, mind or body fall-prey to.  To receive a complimentary Discovery Session or to learn more reach out here OR  Call Christine on +61 409 140 173. 


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