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Indulge in the exquisite quest of discovering
your true infinite power.
Immerse into self-love, self-acceptance and personal truth.
  • Are you hungry for more in your life?
  • Do you want your “Cake and eat it too?”
  • Is it time to truly acknowledge that you are a Spiritual ‘Being’ having a Physical Experience
  • Does this idea conjure up thoughts of you being starved from the ‘GOOD THINGS’ in life?


  • That you have to be ‘Flaky’, ‘Airy Fairy’ or ‘Out There’ and miss out on the luscious ‘ICING ON THE CAKE’ in life and business?

Well I’ve got awesome news for you –

You can NOW transform a stale, dry and ordinary way of living into something Refreshing; Rich and Divinely Delicious.

  • Nourish yourself with more than ‘left-overs’ so you consistently thrive.
  • Add extra spice to your every day
  • Supercharge your life so all you do bursts with flavorsome fulfillment
  • Delight your senses and enrich your SOUL
Come join me and satisfy your hearty appetite; fill your glass and quench your irrepressible thirst.
SOUL SIGNATURE SESSION provides the perfect solution; a festive feast.
  • It awakens you to experience your “Soul Connection” and every wonderful aspect of you so you flourish and excel.
  • This amazing potent gifted work is SOULY designed to stop the relentless fast; no more starvation from living your brilliance.
  • You’ll discover your unique Spiritual Essence ‘The Authentic You,’ and truly live it within a full and meaningful life.

Learn how to nurture and develop your Authentic Self. Enjoy integrating this new an exhilarating way of living.

As you embark on this unique and awesome journey you’ll appreciate a new found awareness and sense of fulfillment.

  • An elevated state is embodied and maintained as you undertake practical day to day responsibilities with confidence and resilience.


  • You’ll make the precise shifts, changes and decisions that are perfect for YOU; you’ll live heart-centred and totally in-tune.

The SOUL SIGNATURE SESSION is connecting with me on line (if your situation requires that) or at my studio in Melbourne.

I promise it’ll be amazing either way. In fact many of my local clients prefer it online.

There is no way I could offer on-line facilitation if it wasn’t as effective. It just wouldn’t be viable or sought after. So please don’t underestimate its effectiveness.

If you are drawn make sure you avoid this being “your” self-sabotage that stops you. You’ve gotta watch those little over-thinking ‘suckers’ that prevent you flourishing.

There are some little tweaks to the on-line format around how we catch up but it’s incredibly effective and powerful.

SO are you ready to gently stir and finely blend the true essence of your Soul?


You see what can happen when you’ve denied parts of yourself because of past experiences or because of what you’ve been taught about yourself it “sticks” and affects the whole YOU thriving in numerous facets of life.

You may have been conditioned to think (often unknowingly), when you express various aspects of YOU it’ll prevent you from living abundantly and you’ll have to ‘go without,’ ‘play yourself down’ or ‘deny your full potential’.

You’re concerned it’ll cook up an insidious cocktail of unpalatable events, bitter outcomes and not so sweet experiences. 

In extreme cases can poison your ability to create an appetising banquet of scrumptious perceptions, mouth-watering decisions and tasty behaviours that FEED, CULTIVATE AND SUSTAIN you on a consistent basis.

If you’re ready to live your PURPOSE with PRESENCE, POISE and PASSION please join me.

We’ll spend an awesome full day or 2 x ½ days together just for YOU.

You’ll devour a Super Food blend of exceptional insight, solutions and energy enhancement that infuses and marinates your heart, body, mind and soul ….

You’ll learn creative and innovative ways in how to merge and balance your very own perfect ingredients for exuberant inspired outcomes.  You can now enjoy

  • Your “Personal Power” being activated so you easily attract what you desire
  • Intuitive flow realised and anchored
  • Innate gifts and talents infused within so they’re fully expressed
  • Passion illuminated and radiantly glows; you’ll finally be able to keep your inner light burning no matter what!
  • Abundant treats, joyful indulgence as a natural part of your life’s menu
  • Practical and material desires coming to fruition with ease
  • Your higher knowing and innate wisdom ignited and embodied

Contact Christine 0409 140 173

Skype Sessions

Also available, username - christine.m.long


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