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Let’s Amplify Your Power of Attraction

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You Can Now Be Your Own Majestic Money Magnet!


Christine’s in the Business of Empowering People to Enrich their Relationships and Grow their Prosperity in Thriving Union.


So if that’s what you’re after, you’re in the right place.  There’s no substitute for experience.  Christine’s successfully facilitated 1,000’s of individuals for over 28 years and is passionate about making successful people more successful.






  • Heart-Centred Business Owners
  • Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • Ambitious Couples & Partners
  • Aspiring Career Orientated Individuals
  • Driven Creatives, Marketing and IT Specialists
  • Dedicated Teachers in all professions
  • Influential Leaders in corporate and community
  • Innovative Coaches ahead of their game

Who desire greater HOLISTIC PROSPERITY!



  • Why do I consistently struggle with cash flow?
  • Why don’t I have enough quality time or time generally?
  • Why do I feel stuck and procrastinate too often?
  • Why do I lack clarity or focus to build momentum?
  • Why do I become scattered and frantic, my head feels full a lot?
  • Why do I have trouble accumulating and multiplying my wealth creation?
  • Why don’t I have enough energy and motivation to take decisive action?
  • Why are others more successful than me in my profession even though I try so hard to be?
  • Why does money fall through my fingers and I’ve little to show for it?



  • Start earning what you’re worth and transform your relationship with money…yes please!
  • Get rewarded; Be at a higher level of your career and gain greater fulfilment…fabulous!
  • Amplify your power of attraction; Thrive with money and in relationships…let’s do it!
  • Break free from limiting habits and beliefs and replace with effective ones…absolutely!
  • Eliminate the debt cycle and cash flow issues…phew!
  • Reignite your passion and follow through with it…awesome!
  • Enjoy more quality time doing what you love…fantastic!
  • Develop solution based thinking and magnify your creativity for massive profitable gain…totally yes!
  • Reap the awesome benefits of consistent “serendipity and reciprocity”…amazing!


Transform Your….

  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Programs
  • Judgements
  • Ideologies
  • Habits
  • Behaviours and
  • Past & Present Conditioning


  • Innovative Approach for massive elevated shifts around what you think and do
  • Interactive & Dynamic Methodologies that provide the power of an expanded perspective
  • Deep Personal Process to gain life changing insights specifically for you
  • Revolutionary Practices that take you beyond your prosperity limitations
  • DIY Take-Away Tools and Techniques that empower you consistently

8 No Brainer Reasons

Why this Life Changing Retreat NOW?

  1. Increase Productivity & Focus for Optimum Efficiency and Results
  2. Be Inspired; Brainstorm & Network to Fast Track Results
  3. Nourish Mind & Body in Nature to Gain a New Prosperous Perspective
  4. Reignite your Passion so you’re Empowered to Pursue it with Conviction
  5. Enhance Creativity to Harness Greater Fun, Time, Motivation & Success
  6. Recharge & Boost your Morale so you’re powerfully equipped with Laser Clarity
  7. Tax Deduction + Contributes to your Long Term Wealth Creation
  8. Be Awesomely Prepared & much Wiser for the Financial Year and Beyond

Example of  Retreat includes:  2 nights’ Accommodation + Friday & Saturday Night Dinner + Saturday & Sunday Breakfast & Lunch + Morning & Afternoon Tea Snacks & Refreshments + Multi-Faceted Facilitation & Training Friday Night, All Day Saturday & Sunday till 2 pm.

YOU’LL identify money blocks and stop insidious self-sabotage that keeps you “stuck!”

YOU’LL transform being at the whim of dissatisfying outcomes and become an extra-ordinary co-creator of what you love!

YOU’LL shift negative beliefs, raise your power of attraction and enjoy experiencing the life and business you desire!

Your Wellness Wealth Specialist

Life and Business Elevation Specialist

M: 0409 140 173

Skype: christine.m.long

Locations: Surrey Hills Frankston  Skype


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